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TyperTask: Insert Frequently Used Phrases and Launch Programs with Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you find yourself frequently typing the same phrases over and over again when drafting a letter, chatting on Facebook or leaving comments on message boards? Try TyperTask, a simple script driven keyboard automation utility that can insert pre-defined phrases instantly into any typing application like Word, Notepad, email etc. with just a few keystrokes. You can program TyperTask to automate chat conversations, website logins, programming code blocks, HTML tags, or just about anything. Aside from inserting text, TyperTask can open URLs and programs and files using shortcuts you define.

When you start TyperTask you might mistake the program window to be that of Notepad, especially since the Window title bar shows the path of a TXT file. The program is, in fact, a functional text editor of sort and is used to edit the typertask.txt file. This is the file which stores your custom phrases and by default, TyperTask opens this file for edition.


You need to edit this file and add your custom phrases and associate them with short strings or shortcuts. A few examples are already included to help you get started. For instance, the string "mysig" inserts “Best Regards” followed by the name “Bob Smith”.

Say, you want to have the string “brb” insert “Be right back!”. Then add:

brb=Be right back!

Similarly, you can open URLs or files and programs by defining hotkey combination which can contain multiple key presses including Control, Shift and Alt.


TyperTask will monitor your keystrokes and as soon as it detects the pattern you define it will replace the string with the appropriate phrase. Not only TyperTask saves you countless keystrokes, it actually makes your typing faster. You can use this with chat programs and have it convert SMS talks like LOL, GTG, into proper English phrases.

TyperTask is portable, so you can carry it along with you wherever you go.

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