Clover 2: Chrome Like Tabs on Windows Explorer

Will Microsoft ever give us tabbed functionality in Windows Explorer? They may eventually, but not until Windows 10 or beyond … or maybe never. Meanwhile people who desire more out of their file browsers can continue using third party tools like Total Commander or free alternatives like BExplorer. For people who can’t let go Windows Explorer, there is QTTabBar, a shell extension that adds tabs to Explorer.

Clover 2 is a similar utility that brings the tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. Clover 2, which is heavily inspired by the Chrome browser, adds a frame around Explorer that consist of a tab-bar and a bookmarks bar. Every new Explorer window you launch is opened as a tab inside the Clover 2 frame. The tabs look identical to Chrome tabs and it even brings along certain Chrome tabs functionality like the ability to pin tabs, close other tabs etc.


The bookmarks bar is redundant as we already have Favorites and Libraries in Explorer, but some users will like them nonetheless.

The only drawback you’ll face with Clover 2 is that drag and drop between two Explorer windows become impossible as there is no way to open two Explorer windows side by side. All instances of Windows Explorer are turned into Tabs by Clover 2.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Tabs have the same sunctinlaity as chrome, you can drag a tab out of the window to create a new window from that tab, that way you can drag n drop between 2 windows

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