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7 Best Free Wardrobe Organizer Apps for Android

Two years ago we looked at some of the solutions that were available at that time for cataloguing the contents of our wardrobe and managing the same from our computer, creating matches, deciding what to wear etc. There were no good wardrobe organizing apps for Android at that time. Today, we have a handful, and we are going to find out which works best.


ClosetVirtual is a wardrobe organizer that lets you manage your clothing from your Android phone. Decide what clothes to wear, or mix and match without walking into your closet, or opening a drawer.

The home screen of the app has six buttons – Closet, Camera, Outfit, Calendar, Wishlist and Search.

closetvirtual (3) closetvirtual (1)

closetvirtual (2) closetvirtual (4)

The Closet is where all your clothes goes into and this may include shoes, accessories and any other thing that you wear when you go out. To add your wearable items, whip out your phone camera (the camera button in the home screen is for this purpose) and shoot pictures of them. Then go to Closet and add them by category (top, bottom, shoes etc). You are allowed to add a short description, tags, brand name, season to wear and color. These information will come handy later when you use the Search feature.

If you can’t get a clean picture with your camera (poor light, clothes in laundry or even poor camera), you can search for images on the web from within the app. Once you’ve added all your clothes, you can now create outfits by matching and mixing. You can pre-decide what to wear and associate it with a date in the calendar. This also lets you keep track of what you wore during the previous days so that you can avoid wearing the same outfit too often.

Personal Closet Lite

Personal Closet Lite offers a huge array of tools to manage your wardrobe in your phone. Like ClosetVirtual you begin by adding items to your closet. This you can do that by taking pictures with your phone, adding pictures already present on your phone or searching for images on the Internet. You can crop the picture, straighten, rotate and even flip it horizontally or vertically. This is useful if you take picture of yourself in the mirror. You can add two pictures for each item – one from the front and another from the back.

personal-closet (2) personal-closet (1)

Add name, description, category, sub-category, style (casual, evening, work etc), color, season to wear, brand, size and even price, date of purchase and availability (laundry, lent out etc ) among other things. To create outfits you actually drag and drop your clothes on a virtual mannequin. You can decide what to wear on a certain day and add your outfits to the calendar.

Additional tools include easy access to several fashion magazines, shopping sites, reminders etc.


ClosetLovin is simple and very easy to use. It’s designed for women, but men can use it too if they don’t mind adding shirts to the “tops” section and trousers to the “bottoms”.

closet-lovin-1 closet-lovin-2

There are only three categories available, hardcoded into the app – tops, bottoms and accessories. There are however multiple sub-categories available which you can edit.

To add your clothes, use the built in camera app to take a picture and with one touch add them to the collection. Adding subcategories, title, season and style are optional, but adding them will allow you to sort through your clothes easily when your collection grows large.

To create outfits, scroll through the images and select the ones you wish to mix.


iDressUp provide a simple and clear interface to mix and match your clothes, shoes, accessories in your mobile or tablet and schedule your daily outfits. You can plan what you wear tomorrow, next week, month and even year with iDressUp, and track your outfits history to avoid repeating them too frequently.

idressup (1) idressup (2)

There are two tabs on the program - Calendar and Wardrobe. The wardrobe is where you add your clothes and the calendar is where you plan your outfits. Unlike, other programs where you have a separate outfit section to mix and match, in iDressUp this has been merged with the calendar. So you have to create outfits and immediately assign it to a particular date. An outfit maintenance page is scheduled for the next version.

The wardrobe is similar to those of other apps. You can arrange your clothes by category, color, brand, and season, and then use filters when you browse through your virtual wardrobe.

ANDress 2

ANDress 2 has one of the cleanest interface and it’s pretty rich on features too.

andress (1) andress (2)

closet-lovin-3 closet-lovin-4

With just a few taps you add pictures of your clothes and file them under a type or category and subcategory. Choose a color from a large palate and assign a 5-star rating, which is optional. The rest of the details such as brand and season non-essential are optional too. Once you have added all your garments you can view them under ‘Clothes’ nicely listed by type, name and rating, and of course, a thumbnail picture.

To create outfits, scroll through the various thumbnails until you have found the perfect match. Then name and save the outfit. If you can’t decide what to wear, let the app generate an outfit for you. All you have to do is tell what the weather is like (hot, cold, any) and ANDress 2 will generate a random outfit by matching top, bottoms, shoes and other accessories.

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are two similar apps from the same developer for the different sexes. Both apps function as a virtual closet organizer as well as fashion assistant, on-line shopping portal, a bag packer for vacation trips, and an outfit album. Stylish Girl and Cool Guy have a well designed interface that looks actually fashionable on your phone.

cool-guy7 cool-guy5

cool-guy2 cool-guy3

Explore your closet and take pictures of your clothes. Once you have added them to Stylish Girl or Cool Guy you can create outfits by mixing and matching pictures of your clothes on a white canvas. The app displays all your clothes simultaneously. Just scroll the categories and pick stuff for your outfits. A filtering option lets you quickly navigate fast by filtering your results (e.g. search for summer clothes only).

The Calendar tool lets you save outfits for a specific dates and decide in advance what you will year the coming or even the coming month. The Suitcase tool is like a virtual baggage packer where you pick outfits from your closet to take with you on trips.

Also included is a shopping portal ( where you can browse tons of fashion items from the biggest fashion retailers. You can compare prices and looks, and mix the things you want to buy with your own clothes to see if they match, before you actually buy them. Finally, there is a share feature that lets you share pictures of your clothes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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