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Clementine 1.1 Released. Adds Google Drive, SoundCloud and Podcast Support

Clementine, the Amarok inspired cross-platform music player, has reached version 1.1 and it brings along a number of new features, a couple of more music sources and support for podcasts among other things.

Clementine, which already supports a fair number of online services, has expanded the player's streaming support by adding two more sources: Soundcloud and Clementine can now steam music from nearly a dozen services which include Spotify, Grooveshark,, SomaFM, Magnatune, Jamendo,, Digitally Imported,, Soundcloud, and Icecast.


The new version also allows you to stream music directly from your Google Drive storage. So if you aren’t allowed to use Google Music owning to restrictions on geographic location, you can take advantage of your Google Drive account to store and play music.

The Global Search tool now searches across your local library as well as various internet sources as mentioned above including music stored on your Google Drive account.


Another notable change in Clementine 1.1 is the long-awaited support for podcasts, a feature much-requested by users. Podcasts can be synchronized with making it easier to find new shows and synchronise your podcast collections across all your devices and computers.

Clementine 1.1 supports moodbar, a kind of music visualization that shows the mood within a short part of the song using colored strips. The “mood” can depend on spectrum and/or rhythmic features of the part of the song, as well as musical changes (dynamics, rhythm, texture, playing instruments). The moodbar is visible directly over the seek bar in the player, and its color scheme can be changed from the player’s Preferences. You can also turn it off. Also included is Nyan cat song visualization.


There are a few cosmetic changes as well. For example, you can now set a background image for the player with the option to set the album cover as the background. You can also set a custom background color.

Other notable changes include mono playback support, the ability to load cover art from mp4 files, and additional sources to retrieve song lyrics. You can read the full changelog here. If this your first introduction to Clementine, you can read my earlier reviews of the media player.


  1. Nice now this will make things easy

  2. Hi! How can I turn off the mood analyzing? Player works not correct when you're loading for example 10-20 tracks in playlist. I dont need this useless feature.


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