MyImgur: Desktop Imgur Image Uploader

Imgur – a coalition of two word: “img” (short for image) and “ur” (short for “your”) – is an image hosting website started by a Redditor out of need for a decent solution for Redditors to upload and share image on the social news site, Reddit. Today it is the fastest growing and the biggest image sharing website on the Internet.

MyImgur is a desktop client for Imgur that was developed to help users easily upload pictures to the image sharing site. MyImgur offers full Imgur account support including the ability to upload to albums, create an album, delete albums and pictures, and so on.

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To upload an image you can either use the file selector button, browse to your pictures and click on them, or drag and drop images from Windows Explorer on to MyImgur. Batch uploading is supported where multiple pictures get uploaded at once.

Once the images finishes uploading you get the link to your images from the Copy button at the top, just below the toolbar. You can copy the direct link to the image to the clipboard, or the Imgur link. If you intend to share the image on an HTML page such as a blog post, you can copy the HTML coded link, and if you want to share the image in a message board, you can copy the BBCode link or the Linked BBCode link.

MyImgur also functions as a basic screen capturing tool. You can use the Snip tool to capture screenshot of any rectangular area on screen or select a specific open window to capture its image.

Before uploading images, you can have MyImgur resize images to 800px, 1200px, 1600px or 1920px across, convert images to PNG or JPG, and lower quality of image so that the upload size is within a defined value.


Other features include:

  • Context-menu for right-click on pictures > Send to Imgur
  • Capture DirectX surfaces
  • Paste images from clipboard
  • G15/510 Logitech keyboard LCD applet
  • Hot-keys support for all features
  • Supports all multiple monitor span configurations
  • Keep a log of all your uploads, including online delete URL
  • Select between only capture (and store in disk), only upload, capture&upload, only capture to clipboard
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