Imgur Album Downloader: 3 Tools to Download All Images at Once

For a long time users of the social media website Reddit were tired of available options to share images on the website. The image hosting sites such as Imageshack, Photobucket and Tinypic, although free to use, has strict limits on bandwidth and if the image gets even remotely popular it can quickly exhaust the allocated bandwidth. These sites are also heavily infested with advertisements and forced users into jumping through several hoops just to upload an image. The need for a no-nonsense, user friendly image hosting site was strongly felt and Imgur was born. Today, Imgur is one of the most successful image hosting site on the Internet and it’s closely tied with Reddit.

Imgur supports the creation of image albums, a feature available to paying subscribers. Albums allow Imgur users to share a bunch of images with others by sharing a single URL to the album. Unfortunately, Imgur doesn’t provide any means to download these images easily.

So here are three tools that lets you download all images on an Imgur album at once.

Imgur Album Downloader by Ron Fitzgerald


This is a simple to use. Enter the URL of the Imgur album and the location where you want to save the images on your hard disk, and then click on the Download button.

Imgur Album Downloader by John Koerner


This program is similar to the previous one. Simply put the URL of the album into the Album URL text box and click the download button. By default it will save the images to your My PicturesImgUr Albums folder, but that can be changed using the settings button. Also, the folder icon will take you directly to the folder of the last album downloaded.

Imgur Album Downloader by Skylark95


This one is different – rather than downloading from an Imgur album, this program downloads images posted by a Reddit user. By entering the URL to a Reddit user profile, the program will download all images the user has posted in either links or comments. Say, you are fond of a particular Reddit user’s submissions, then you can use this tool to grab images posted by him or her.

The program will save a user defined number of previous entries for the save to field, preventing the need to browse for a folder every time you open the program.  This feature can be disabled by checking the “don’t save history” box.  Previous entries can also be cleared using the clear history button.

Being written in Java, Imgur Album Downloader works on multiple operating systems.


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  1. oracle2b Reply

    Imgur Album Downloader by SkyLark95 WILL Download imgur album urls if entered into the url field too.

  2. 4_pr0n Reply

    I made a website that rips albums for you; only download required is the .zip of the photos:

  3. Anonymous Reply

    ^ The best solution, worked fine for me

  4. Anonymous Reply

    In case you are using android there is an application to download all images from album

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