XnViewMP: Enhanced Version of XnView With Better Features

XnViewMP (MP stands for Multi Platform) is an enhanced version of the image viewing software XnView that offers better compatibility with image formats, improved performance in terms of loading, image caching and multi-core processing, full native unicode support and the ability to load full bit depth pictures (8/16/32 bits per component). XnViewMP also comes with a powerful batch conversion module – the same one that powers XnConvert. Apparently, development of both XnView and XnViewMP is progressing in parallel, but if Wikipedia is to be believed, the superior XnViewMP will eventually replace all versions of XnView for all platforms.

XnViewMP sports a new unified look that is intended to feel the same across all platforms it runs on. The program has different panels that are arranged into multiple layouts – 10, to be exact, including two “film strip” layouts. You can choose whichever layout you are conformable with. Additionally, there is “free” layout where you can re-orient the various panels by dragging and dropping into place.


There are three basic panels – a tree panel, which shows the file system, a thumbnail panel that shows contents of the selected folder, and a preview panel that shows preview and details about the selected image.

The tree panel has three sections arranged in tabs, once each for Folders, Favorites and Categories. When you favorite an image, it becomes available under the Favorites panel. The Categories panel contain pre-configured categories for easier categorization of your images. This include ratings (excellent, good, average etc.), colored labels (important, work, personal etc.), categories (animals, family, landscape, travel, portraits etc.) and a few others.


The Preview panel has two tabs – one shows the preview of the selected image, and the other shows a bunch of information about the image. The information include file properties, complete EXIF data, and RGB histogram.


The main window of XnViewMP shows thumbnail preview of the contents of the selected folder or category. You can adjust the size of the thumbnails, change view type, sort images by title, date, exif, file size, orientation and what not. You can also filter images by rating, labels and comments and tags.

Under the Tools menu you will find several utilities that lets you perform tasks like find similar images, take screenshot of the desktop, convert images to any one of the basic formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and so on, including WebP), perform lossless JPEG transformation such as rotate and flip images, batch rename files and send files by FTP or email.


Also integrated with XnViewMP is the powerful batch file conversion tool XnConvert, that lets you convert image formats, resize images and apply different kinds of adjustments to images in bulk. These include rotation, adding watermarks, adding text, applying image enhancing filters, fancy effects, stripping EXIF and other meta data and a vast number of actions. Read the complete review of XnConvert.

Several image editing tools are also included, for instance color and size manipulation, shadow/highlights, level adjustments, several filters and effects.


There are hundreds of new features in XnView MP compared to standard XnView. The full list of changes can be read on this page.

In brief, XnViewMP offers numerous function for users to view, edit and catalogue their images. The program can be run under multiple platforms – Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. XnViewMP is a portable program, but it can still integrate into Windows Explorer’s context menu offering users an easy to open images with the viewer.

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