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Automatically Transfer Photos and Files Between Multiple Cloud Storage Services

There are a number of utilities that help users migrate files between various cloud storage and photo-sharing services. Mostly, they connect specific pairs of services, such as Facebook and Flickr, or Dropbox and Google Drive. But there is one utility that offers a complete solution.

Launched just about a year ago, the web utility called allows people to transfer files, photos, videos, documents and just about anything from one cloud storage service to another, with click just a few clicks. can transfer files from 12 services, including 500px, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Instagram, Mixi, Myspace, Openphoto, Photobucket, Picasa, Shutterfly, SmugMug and the Russian social networking site Vkontakte.


Once you’ve authenticated your accounts on these services, you will see your files from these services on Click on the ones you wish to transfer to select them. You can select entire albums or individual photos/files.


You can edit meta-data associated with the files before you move them to another service, such as description, tags and comments. Once you are done with the selection, you will be asked to specify the destination cloud storage service. can export files to a lot more services than it can import from. In addition to the 12 services already mentioned, lets you choose in the “destination” page, 10 more services. These include Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3, Box, CX, Dropbox, Evernote, Orkut, Sugarsync, YouSendIt and YouTube. New services get regularly added to, so check with their website to know the latest count.


You can select multiple destinations at once. When moving photos and videos to Facebook you have the option to insert the media files into Facebook’s timeline based on the date of capture found in the EXIF. If data of capture is not available, the date of upload is used. You can adjust the privacy setting, i.e. choose with whom you want to share the pictures – friends, friends of friends or just to yourself. While transferring media you can preserve the album structure or have them transferred into one album.

Once the transfer starts, you can close the browser. will notify you by email when the transfer completes.

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