Add the ‘Stop Download’ Option Back to YouTube

About a month ago, Google removed the ‘Stop Download’ option from YouTube that allowed users to instantly stop download and buffering of a video. This option was available in the context menu when a user right-clicked over the YouTube video player. You may have noticed it or you may have not, depending on whether you used that option. Many did, and it was sorely missed.

Google removed it in favor of the Pause button that is already present in the video player. When you pause a video, it buffers partially and then stops buffering until you play the video again. This is different from the ‘stop download’ option that used to stop video buffering instantly. With the pause button, video buffering will continue for some time after you have clicked the button. This is a problem for those users with slow internet connection, when more important downloads are in progress.

The workaround to the missing ‘stop download’ feature will be to close the page entirely to prevent the video player from sucking on valuable bandwidth. However, you may not want to close the page because you want to watch the video later.

Now a userscript has been created that beings back the removed feature.

How to Stop Downloading YouTube Video

Method 1 – Using a Bookmarklet. This is the easiest way because the bookmarklet works with all browsers. To use it, simply drag and drop the linked bookmarklet to your Bookmarks toolbar. To stop a YouTube video while watching, just click on the bookmarklet and your video will stop right there.

Method 2 – Using a Userscript. The userscript adds a Stop Video button on the YouTube interface. Unlike the original ‘stop download’ button on the right-click menu, the ‘Stop Video’ button appears next to the Subscribe button under the video player. Clicking on it stops the video from downloading.


Firefox users, install the Greasemonkey add-on and then install the userscript.

Chrome users, install the TamperMonkey extension and then install the userscript. TamperMonkey improves Chrome’s userscript compatibility allowing you to use Greasemonkey userscripts on Chrome.

Opera users, install ViolentMonkey extension and then the userscript. ViolentMonkey improves Greasemonkey scripts compatibility in the browser allowing users install scripts from using the install button.

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