Windows Seven Transformation Pack for Windows XP

I knew it was coming, it had to. We had no less than half a dozen different Vista transformation packs, didn’t we? Well, the first Windows Seven transformation pack for Windows XP has hit the shelves. No, the Seven Remix XP I wrote about earlier isn’t a transformation pack, it was a visual style. The transformation pack, on the other hand, is a complete pack that will change Windows XP’s icons, explorer windows, taskbar, boot screen and everything to resemble that of Windows Seven… at least partially.


It seems that the Windows Seven Transformation Pack 1.0 was made by making minor updates to the Vista Transformation Pack 9.0 by the same developers. Smart guys. After all, there isn’t much difference between the two except the taskbar which became the Superbar, some new sounds schemes, new icons and a few changes here and there.


Actually, you can make some of these changes by using standalone tools. For instance, the previously mentioned ViSplore to get Vista’s or Seven’s explorer. Superbar can be achieved by using another tool called ViGlance without making any other changes to the system. In fact, the Windows Seven Transformation Pack uses this same ViGlance to get the Superbar. Try it. It actually looks pretty good.


Superbar in Windows XP using ViGlance. OMG!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I wonder why the color of ViStart, ViGlance, ViSplore doesnt match each other? They were made by the same guy.

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