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For the sake of convenience, everything has to be disposable these days. Disposable plastic bags, razors, spoons, cups, and even disposable cameras. The cyber world has it’s share of disposable products too – email addresses, short URLs, chat rooms and now disposable web pages.

dinkypage Dinky Page is the first such service offering disposable pages to any one who might need them. No registration is required. Just create any HTML page and publish it. The pages aren’t exactly disposable either, because their FAQ says “Pages do not expire and they will not be deleted automatically unless they violate the Terms of Use.” So you can keep them as long as you want. There is a “Delete” link that appears only once – the first time you publish the page. Email the link to your self if you want to edit or delete the page later.


Pages can be created using their rich-text editor or simply HTML editor. You can use JavaScript, Flash, and anything that can be embedded on an HTML page. The files and images however, has to be hosted elsewhere. DinkyPage is extremely useful for sharing quick information, showing examples of code usage etc.

I created one http://dinkypage.com/ifundas2 Pretty Cool, huh?

Update: Another one – PasteHTML

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    You may also want to take a look at http://PasteHTML.com .

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