Boomtango – Better, powerful Firefox history browser

Boomtango is an add-on for Firefox that provides you with a rich interface to view your past browsing history and a way to quickly locate visited web pages, and images, videos etc you watched. Boomtango records your browsing history as you surf and automatically organizes it into multiple different layouts for viewing. Boomtango saves all information in the hard disk and your privacy is never compromised.

Boomtango offers 4 different ways to browse Firefox’s history.

1. The Category view organizes visited pages into various logical categories like Search, Wikipedia, Video, Bookmarks etc. All search pages are located under the “Search” section, videos from YouTube and other popular video sites will be grouped under “Videos”. Similarly, Wikipedia pages you read can be found under the so named category and so on.


Now the interesting thing here is -  when you click on any entry, say a YouTube video you watched earlier, that video will actually show up inside a info box on the side. Google search pages behave in a similar fashion – clicking on the URL not only shows the searched keyword but the searched results for the keyword. These links are clickable. Same with Wikipedia links and Google Maps.

Boomtango allows you to create your own category and specify keywords to look for in the pages.

2. The Calendar view lets you view history by hour, day, week and by month. You can filter the sites by categories, the same categories as mentioned earlier. 

3. The Thumbnail view displays thumbnails of visited pages. Click on a thumbnail to get details about the page like date you visited and time you spent.


4. Finally the Summary view displays a summary of your browsing habits including total time spent, broken down into time spent on videos, Wikipedia, search etc.


Boomtango also has a decent search tool that lets you quickly find pages in your search history.

Another interesting feature of Boomtango is that it integrates your search history with Google’s search results page. When you search on Google, a highlighted box appears on the results page showing relevant results from your search history.


Similar Firefox extensions: Voyage and about:me

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