Explore the oceans on Google Ocean Showcase

Here is more news from Google Earth, but this time it has to do with the Google Earth plug-in and not the software. Google Earth 5 already introduced us to the oceans allowing users to plunge underwater and enjoy the aquatic life of underwater flora and fauna. But that requires Google Earth, the software, to be installed. Now with the launch of Ocean Showcase, users can tour the ocean from the comfort of their browser using the Google Earth browser plug-in.


We have already seen some creative implementation of the Google Earth plug-in (Ship simulator and Apollo 11 Moon Lander). Ocean Showcase is another one that brings the goodness of Google Earth to the browser.

Over the past year, many photographers, naturalists, government groups and non-profit partners have added photos and videos to the Explore the Ocean layer in Google Earth, providing a great introduction to lots of ocean features. Enthusiasts continue to add photos and ratings to Wannadive.net and Wannasurf.com, improving the Ocean Sports layers.

Ocean Showcase highlights some interesting places and content with video tours and narrations. You can pause the tour at any time to watch videos of the surrounding areas and marine animals. There are video showcases of underwater discoveries, ship wrecks around the world, great under lakes and terrains, and fantastic dive and surf spots.

[via Google Lat Long Blog]

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