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Bend is a stylish but simple text editor

Want your text editor to look good while you code? Try Bend, an open source, text editor “dressed up to look sharp.”

Bend exploits XAML / WPF to render beautiful hardware accelerated text. The seamless tabbed bar at the top and the min/max/quit text in place of the regular buttons add to the beauty.


Bend automatically recognizes different languages and supports syntax highlighting, although the support is apparently not large. Bend was not able to recognize a CPP file, while it had no problems with JavaScript, PHP, HTML and XML files.

Bend sure looks good, but feature wise it’s still lacking. Text operation includes just copy and paste, and an on-page search tool. There are no settings or configuration options whatsoever.

This is Bend’s first Alpha release. Hopefully it will get better in subsequent releases.

Other test editors: NoteTab Light, Editra, Zim, Sublime Text, gedit


  1. What happened to Bend? I was away from my desktop computer for a few days and when I came back to install it on here the bend website appears to be down, and I can't download it anywhere else. What's the deal?

  2. Still seems to have disappeared. No more website, and the in-app updater seems to be not working either. Which is a shame, it's a really nice little editor.

  3. Has anyone have a source code? I will continue to develop it!!!

  4. I'm surprised the project got killed so soon.


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