Facebook Privacy Defender

With constant privacy policy changes, murky details and entangled information sharing settings, Privacy Defender might just be the solution users are looking for.

PrivacyDefender is an easy to use tool that automatically configures your Facebook privacy settings. All you need to do is select your desired level of privacy protection and PrivacyDefender does the rest.

Definitely not a new idea – ReclaimPrivacy and SaveFace already did that before. So what’s different PrivacyDefender has to offer? Well, a cleaner interface, to start with, and an innovative visual representation of what’s being shared and how altering a few settings changes your visibility on Facebook and who gets affected.


PrivacyDefender works through a combination of a Facebook application and a bookmark for your browser. Here’s how it works.

1. Visit the Privacy Defender Facebook page

2. On the home page, there are instructions on how to add the bookmark to your browser toolbar. For Internet Explorer users, you will have to right-click on the PrivacyDefender grey button and select "Add to your Favorites". For all other browsers, you can simply drag the grey button to your bookmark toolbar (or you can still right-click and add it if you prefer).

3. Click on the Privacy Defender link to evaluate your current privacy settings

4. Choose one of the 3 level of privacy you would prefer. You can get a preview of the changes it will make.

5. Click on Fix My Privacy to make the changes.

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