Animated Weather Forecast desktop application

Animated Weather Forecast is a software application for Windows that brings weather information to the desktop in the form of self explaining animation – rain, clouds, snow and so on.

Animated Weather Forecast also shows you moon phases, sunrise/sunset time, humidity, wind speed and direction. The lack of description on the various icons is a little disappointing. I have no idea what “71% –18 days” means or “7 high” indicates. Maybe it is because of my lack of familiarity with weather terms, but a small tooltip wouldn’t have killed anybody.


Animated Weather Forecast’s main screen hides most of these info. Just click on the window to pause the animation and reveal them. There are a bunch of customization options including changing of the background with your own image.

The software can fetch current or future weather conditions for more than 50,000 locations over the world, and the reliability of the forecast is ensured by several weather aggregators.

Animated Weather Forecast is available in Free and Pro versions. You can evaluate the Pro version for 15 days, after which it will switch back to the free version.

Other animated weather application: MyFreeWeather and YoWindow.

[via Red ferret]

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