New auto-updating Windows 7 Bing dynamic theme

Microsoft has released a new theme pack for Windows 7. The new Bing Dynamic theme pack is unlike anything else that the company has offered Windows 7 users before. As the name implies, this theme pack is equipped with an RSS feed that brings fresh content to the desktop in the form of wallpapers every week.

According to the description, users of the Bing Dynamic theme pack will receive a new photo from Bing every week for three months. Why only three months? I have no idea. Microsoft didn’t explain. We will have to wait and see what happens after three months. The theme could stop updating, or Microsoft could extend it or replace it. This is the first theme from Microsoft to have an RSS feed.


Users continue to control all the properties of the Bing Dynamic theme, just like any other theme pack. They can skip from one wallpaper to the next, control the rate at which backgrounds swap each other, and select only their preferred images out of the six currently offered with the theme to be displayed on their desktop.

[via Softpedia]

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