Vladstudio Companion: Wallpaper Downloader

Website Vladstudio by Russian designer Vlad Gerasimov is well known for its collection of artistic and illustrated wallpapers. Vladstudio has a large number of both free and paid wallpapers, the paid section consist higher resolution and higher quality works. The free wallpapers are of none-too-bad quality and usually sufficient for the average home user.

Although the website does have an RSS feed for keeping readers updated about new wallpaper releases, those who wish to download and apply the wallpapers automatically to their desktop can use the website’s home grown solution – Vladstudio Companion.

vladstudio-companion1 vladstudio-companion-alert

Vladstudio Companion will automatically downloads Vladstudio wallpapers and save them to your hard disk. It will then randomly apply these wallpapers on your desktop at a user defined interval.

Whenever new wallpapers are available, the program displays an alert box near the system tray and allows you to view the wallpapers either on the site or download the whole set to your hard disk.

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