GWatchman: Get Gmail and Google Reader desktop notifications

There are several Gmail desktop notification software (see end of article). Then there are programs to get Google Reader news alerts as well. GWatchman is one solution for both.

GWatchman is a free, open source software that sits in the system tray and periodically checks your Google Mail and Reader accounts for new feeds and messages. If unread messages and news items are found, a small alert window pops-up on the screen. The alert window displays the number of unread mails and news items you have in your account.

gwatchman-alert gwatchman-growl

You choose how often the program should check your Gmail and Google Reader accounts, and you can set different time periods for each separately. For instance, you can set the program to check your mail account frequently, like every 5 minutes, but delay checking of your Google Reader account to 30 minutes. The time interval ranges from 30 seconds to all the way up to 3 hours. You can even turn it off.

The appearance of the alert windows can be customized by adjusting text color, opacity and background. You can adjust the position of the alert box on the screen and define how long it should stay open. If your use Growl to get notifications, GWatchman supports that too.

Other ways to get Gmail notification alerts on the desktop

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