Free UK, Canada And Netherland Based VPN Service

In recent past, Virtual Private Network (VPN) services has started to proliferate and a number of these services are free. I have always posted about any new VPN service that I have happened to discover. Here are three more to add to the list.


1. Free UK VPN offers PPTP based VPN service with 1.5Mbit/s downstream and 800Kbit/s upstream speed for all free users. The UK based IP addresses will enable you to watch free British shows such as BBC and MSN Videos.

PPTP based VPN connection doesn’t require any additional software to download and can be configured on any Windows, Linux or Mac computer within minutes. It also connects easily on iPhone, Android, Nokia and WebOS phones.

Free UK VPN resets their password every 12 hours, so you have to visit them every day to get fresh passwords.

2. Free Canada VPN, likewise, offers free PPTP based VPN access to all users but with Canadian IP addresses. Like the UK based service, the download speed is limited to 1.5 Mbps and upload to 800Kbps. The service resets their password every 12 hours. Bookmark this page and check back for latest PPTP login password.

3. Finally, there is the Free Netherland VPN service that offers Netherland-based IP addresses. This service too rests their password every 12 hours. Bookmark this page and check back for latest PPTP login password.

All three services are run by the same operator. The service is reported to be funded by donation and advertisement with the end users receiving it for free.

Alternative free VPN services:

Hostizzle (US-based)
Cyberghost (Global VPN)
Expat Shield (UK-based VPN)
HideIPVPN (US and UK-based VPN)
ItsHidden (Netherland-based)
Prox Network VPN (Netherland-based)

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  1. wilson Reply

    well nice service and define also i found newly for uk service.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    To many adverts and popups on the free one's, we used best UK servers and defiantly the best price we have found.

  3. James Reply

    i need free vpn how do i get that??

  4. Anonymous Reply

    same here

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Free UK VPN and Free Canada VPN are dead because sopa!

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