Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Dynamic Windows 7 Theme

Bing Dynamic theme pack for Windows 7 was introduced last year. Dynamic themes, as the name suggests, are dynamic. They are equipped with an RSS feed that brings fresh content to the desktop in the form of wallpapers every week. When you install a dynamic Windows 7 theme you automatically subscribe to the RSS feed and your computer downloads new images when they are added to the Microsoft theme server and you are connected to the Internet. The images are saved to a special folder, and automatically appear on your desktop when you use the dynamic theme.


The Bing Maps Aerial Imagery offers a collection of Bing Maps aerial photos of various location around the United States.

Get breathtaking views of the United States delivered to your desktop with this free Windows 7 theme that captures the best of Bing Maps aerial photography. Once downloaded, this dynamic theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.

You can download Bing Maps Aerial Imagery theme from here.

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