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Stuff Organizer: Catalog Your Books, Games, Movies and More

Stuff Organizer is an open source, catalog application for Windows for organizing ebooks, movies, music, software - whatever you have that needs organizing. Using a simple folder/sub-folder structure you can organize any files on your computer. You cannot use it to catalog physical objects  – it’s not a home inventory software, only files. Aside from maintaining a fully searchable database of your files, Stuff Organizer will unpack archives and move your files around to organize them into clearly labeled folders. Stuff Organizer is not just a file tagging software, it’s a true file organizer and cataloguer.

Stuff Organizer creates a database of your files storing information about each file’s location and a description, that you need to enter manually, except for movies where there is an option to pull relevant data from You can also add other information such as URL or image. Tags are automatically added based on filename, directory name, file type etc.


You can create categories and within each category, you can create sub-categories to sort out those files better. Keep in mind that the default behavior of the program is to automatically unpack archives such as ZIP and RAR and organize the contents within. Stuff Organizer also has the tendency to regroup files under a directory into sub-directories. If you to keep your files untouched, uncheck these options from the Queue window and just allow the program to create a searchable database of your files. You files will still be organized into categories and carry tags, but physically nothing will be changed on the hard drive.


On the other hand, by default Stuff Organizer will not delete the source file after copying them into the target directory, so you will end up having two copies of everything. Make sure you look for that option before you process the files. Apart from organizing files, Stuff Organizer can also clean up the unused files in the directory such as file_id.diz, .sfv, .nfo etc.

If you are looking for programs to catalog books Calibre works well. For movies check out these movie organizers. For managing your clothes you can try out wardrobe managers.


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