FluentNotepad – Notepad with the Ribbon interface

FluentNotepad is a simple, stylish Notepad application for Windows with the famous Microsoft Office Ribbon interface. Not the first Notepad application to do that, despite what the creator claims (Notepad 2008 was the first Ribbon based notepad application), but yes, FluentNotepad does it nicer.


FluentNotepad also comes with 3 mini buttons on the titlebar, one each for Save, Undo and Redo. Text editing includes the usual basic – copy/paste, text align and font type, color and size. Search and word wrap is grayed, possibly coming in next releases. But the horizontal scrolling which requires because of the inability to wrap long sentences around makes it impossible to work on it.

FluentNotepad has three color themes. And you can turn off the Ribbon too.

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