Windows 7 Taskbar as CPU Temperature Indicator

Previously I wrote about a freeware tool that shows RAM usage in use in Windows 7 taskbar. The creator of this tool has come up with a another program – Temp Taskbar for Windows 7 – that displays a color-based processor temperature indicator in the taskbar.

Like the previous program Temp Taskbar for Windows 7 doesn’t take up any space in the taskbar. It simply appears as a colored band in the taskbar’s background. Other program’s icons can continue to reside on the taskbar in the foreground.


There are three color levels to indicate the current temperature – green when temperature is normal, orange when it hits warning levels and red when temperature reaches extremely critical levels. The trigger level for warning and critical states as well as the colors are user adjustable.

By default, the indicator is located on the right of the taskbar but it can be moved to the left.

Also see Taskbar Meters, SuperbarMonitor

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