An Incredible Portable Image and File Uploader

Portable Image Uploader is an extraordinarily feature rich image and file uploading utility that can capture images of the screen as well as from video and upload them to any image or file hosting site in one swoop. It supports uploading to more than 20 image hosting sites and 7 file sharing sites at the time of this writing. After uploading, Portable Image Uploader generates HTML code or BBCode for posting the image in online forums or blogs.

On startup, you will be asked to select an action you want to perform – upload image or file, capture screen or capture video.


If you choose the upload option, you will be asked to select the files you want to upload. These can be files or images on your computer, on your clipboard or on the web. You can upload multiple files at once and even the contents of entire folder.

Before uploading images, you can convert them to any of the supported image formats – JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP. You can skip this option if you want to upload the images as is. If you want to create thumbnails, you can specify the width here. It is also possible to add a watermark to the images.

Next choose a file or image hosting service. A large number of international and Russian services are supported, including Imageshack, Imagevenue, Imgur and Picasa Web Albums. In the case of files, supported sites include Rapidshare, Sendspace, Uploadbox, custom FTP server and a couple of more.

Once uploaded, Image Uploader will automatically generate HTML and BBCodes of the desired format – images only, thumbnails only, clickable thumbnail, etc. It is also possible to specify your own output format template.


The screen capture utility offers 5 capturing choices – full screen, active window, selected area, freehand capture, and selected object. There is also a time-out or delay option which is useful to capture application menus.


Once captured, the image is automatically placed in the file uploading window. You can also choose to save the captured image to any folder with an automatic and intuitive file naming scheme.

The video screen capture tool is an interesting one. Here you select a video file and specify the number of frames to capture. Image Uploader will grab the given number of frames from the video at appropriate time intervals throughout the length of the video. For example, if the video is 5 minutes long and you tell the program to grab 10 frames, it will extract one frame every 30 seconds of the video. If you grab 5 frames, it will be every 60 seconds.


Other notable features include Windows shell integration, an option to add any file/image hosting service to the “Send to” menu for quick upload, configurable hotkeys and file upload history.


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