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Automatically Sort Files, Extract, Compress, Rename and More By Dropping it Into DropIt

DropIt is a simple drag and drop file manager that allows you to quickly sort files into designated folders. DropIt adds an always visible, floating target icon on your desktop where you drop your files and quickly process them with a predefined action. These may include move, copy, compress, extract, rename, open with, list, delete, and ignore. Using DropIt, you can quickly sort your files into different folders based on file extension, file names and file meta data, apart from carrying out numerous file operations on them such as archiving and renaming.

You can create custom rules based on a wide range of conditions. Rules can be based on file extension or a wildcard match in the file name, date of file creation/modification etc. or meta data contained in music and video files. Click on the Blue icon next to the ‘Browse folder’ icon under Actions to see a list of all supported variables.


When you create a rule, you assign a specific action to it. For example, you can configure the program to move pictures (*.JPEG, *.PNG and *.GIF) to one folder, automatically extract *.ZIP and *.RAR files, compress and archive *.DOC and *.PDF files, move downloaded songs to folders by song artist and album, and so on.

You can also create rules to ignore certain files types or files with a particular string, even if they match the action rules. For instance, you can make DropIt move all PDF files to the Documents folder, but ignore files if the file name contains the string ‘work’. Since DropIt supports batch processing, you can grab a handful of different files irrespective of their type and drop it into the target window and be assured that each one will be dealt accordingly. The ignore rules come handy in such cases.

You can also use DropIt to open files with particular program independent of Windows file association. Say goodbye to that tedious "open with" context menu - DropIt can instantly send files and folders to Open With specified programs. DropIt can also take out the trash for you, using settings to Delete or Secure-Delete designated items.

Does your rules keep changing according to your work environment? No worries. Create multiple profiles with a variety of patterns for different tasks and environments. When doing office work, move images to ‘Project’ folder and when you get home change the profile and your images once again goes to your ‘Pictures’ folder. The flexibility is astounding.

What’s more? DropIt is portable, completely free and open source.

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