How to Put a Second Image on Top of Your Desktop Wallpaper

We put all sorts of things on top of our desktop wallpaper – icons, clocks, RSS Feeds, calendars and widgets. Why not another image? Overlap Wallpaper is a neat utility that lets you display an image on top of your desktop background. You can keep a photo of your beloved one, or an image of your daily schedule, a reminder, some phone numbers, anything that can be saved as a picture.


The overlapped photo can be sized, and positioned on the desktop as required, and it’s transparency/opacity can be adjusted too. The image is displayed as an overlay over the wallpaper, and not embedded into it like BGInfo does. This makes it possible to always keep the picture irrespective of what your desktop wallpaper is. You can still rotate your desktop wallpaper through the day. This won’t change the overlapped photo.


The image can be changed through the configuration window of Overlap Wallpaper. To remove the image, simply delete the file name and path and click on Apply. Exiting the program will also remove the image from the desktop.

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