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DrivePurge: A Thorough Junk File Cleaner

You probably use CCleaner to delete temporary and unnecessary files from your system, but if you are looking for thoroughness, then take a look at this incredibly potent and portable file cleaning utility called DrivePurge.

DrivePurge finds and removes unnecessary files and user tracks from more than 750 applications and system components. That’s a heck of a lot of programs, far more outreaching than CCleaner even with CCleaner Enhanced installed.


DrivePurge’s file cleaning functions are distributed across three tabs. The fourth one is for reporting. The System Cleanup tab lists all common locations where temporary and unneeded files are known to reside. This include Windows locations such as Cached fonts, ChkDsk files, Error reports, Temporary folders, Memory Dumps, Media Center Album Art Cache, Thumbnail Cache, HTML help files etc. Junk files created by popular programs like Adobe, Mozilla Firefox, and Sun Java can also be removed through this tool.

The User Tracks Cleanup section is for removing file history. This includes Windows explorer MRUs, folder settings, recent documents, run history, msconfig entries, Microsoft Games statistics, and application specific history.

In the Drive Cleanup tab are search filters that lets you scan your entire hard drive or selected partitions for waste files. This is where DrivePurge shines through. The program has an extensive list of file type filters that will hunt down any kind of files that are of little use – old files, automatically created backup files, repair files, error files, empty files, and temporary files.

An Analyze button lets you preview the list of files the program has found for removal. As a failsafe measure, you can delete files to the Recycle Bin, and if everything is found to be stable and working, you can delete the files for good.

As with any file cleaning utility, it is advised to use DrivePurge with caution. If you are looking for a safer option, try SlimCleaner, a community supported file cleaning utility.

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