One Year Ago: TaskDaddy, Nemo Documents and Dead Man’s Email

one-year-cakeStarting from today, I will be rounding up a selection of posts and articles published on Instant Fundas exactly a year ago. These ‘One Year Ago’ posts will highlight some great software applications or web apps reviewed or tutorials published during the same week last year. Focus will be on posts that are still relevant today. Hopefully, this will enable readers to rediscover programs and read articles that were forgotten or lost among the constant stream of updates from hundreds of blogs in your reading list.

These collections will appear once per week, preferably on Saturdays, but it may also appear on any other day depending on my convenience. I might even skip a week or two if required. There are no strict schedules.

One Year Ago

  • Create Outlook Tasks Quickly with TaskDaddy: TaskDaddy is a fantastic, yet amazingly simple, Outlook Task creating program that allows you to create simple reminders in Outlook using single line commands. All you have to do is remember some very basic command syntaxes or formulas, which are easy to learn, and you will be creating reminders in a jiffy.
  • How to Access a Deceased Person’s Email Account?: When a person passes away, what happens to his email account and all the messages and sensitive information that reside in it? We look at the different policies and procedure put down by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook for gaining access to a deceased person’s account.
  • Nemo Documents: Calendar Based File Explorer: What happens if you take a calendar software such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar and mash it with a file browser? You get Nemo Documents.

2 Years Ago

Why stop at one year?

  • How to secretly copy (steal) files from a computer to a USB Flash drive: Let’s say you and your friend are preparing for an all important exam that is going to decide the course the rest of your life takes. Your friend has some important notes on his computer that he isn’t going to share with you.
  • Comodo Time Machine – Better alternative to Windows System Restore: Comodo Time Machine, like Windows System Restore, allows users to quickly restore their computers to an earlier point in time. But unlike Windows System Restore Points, a CTM ‘snapshots’ includes complete record of your entire system (including the registry, critical operating system files and user created documents), allowing complete rollback of the system.

3 Years Ago

  • NoteLens – A wonderful note taking application: NoteLens is a free note taking tool that is so simple and fast that it lets you concentrate just on your notes – not on the interface. NoteLens doesn’t try to do too much. Rather it focuses entirely on speed and accessibility.
  • Appetizer – An application launcher for Windows: Appetizer is an attractive, small dock for Windows that holds the shortcuts to your most frequently used programs. Additionally, the application also supports the PortableApps USB format. So if you use Appetizer on a USB key in the PortableApps format, the application will detect it and automatically import all your applications along with the ‘Documents’, ‘Videos’, ‘Music’ and ‘Pictures’ folders.

4 Years Ago

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