Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Download New Wallpapers Everyday from NASA, National Geographic, Bing and More


National Geographic publishes some amazing pictures each day taken by some of the most renowned photographers of the world. If you like National Geographic, here is an application I’m sure you will love.

Picturethrill is a free program that downloads fresh pictures and wallpapers everyday from National Geographic and several other sites. Picturethrill will automatically download images and optionally set them as your desktop wallpaper.


Currently supported sites include:

  • Bing – Bing publishes a new picture everyday as background on bing.com. Also supported is www.bing.co.jp
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day – A NASA website that features a different image of our universe each day, along with a brief explanation.
  • Earth Science Picture of the Day  – This is another NASA website that highlights, through pictures, the diverse processes and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives.
  • National Geographic - National Geographic publishes a high resolution picture every day under the section ‘Photo of the Day’
  • Nature Pic of the Day – As the name suggests, this site feature a new, beautiful, nature picture every day.

Support for other sites will be added later.

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