Give your photos a perspective with PhotoShape

PhotoShape is a free software using which you can give your images a perspective by allowing you to rotate any photo three dimensionally using your mouse. The software uses the OpenGL library to give you an updated preview of the result in real time.

The perspective feature can be found on many image editors like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, and both offers similar results. But these image editing tools lack the 3D interface of PhotoShape. Using PhotoShape is like handling an image in real world. You can grab the image with your mouse and flip around at any angle you desire. You can also use the sliders to fine tune the orientation of the image. You click on a slider and then use the mouse wheel to adjust the position too.


The program by default resizes the image into a square. So make sure to adjust the width and height appropriately to prevent the image from skewing. You can also choose a background color. Setting it to something dark improves the contrast of the image. If you want to embed the image in a blog post, you can match the background color to that of your blog so that the image blends into the post.

Once you are satisfied with a perspective, click on the ‘Write’ button or hit the F2 key on your keyboard to save.

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