HTC styled clock and weather gadget for Windows desktop

HTC Home for Windows is a free desktop version of the distinctive HTC clock that comes with all HTC mobile devices. The stylish clock and weather combo gadget looks exactly like its mobile counterpart.

HTC Home for Windows displays the time and date, your location, the current weather, and a 5-day forecast. You can pick your city for the weather, choose what unit temperature is shown and choose from one of 4 widget sizes.


What makes HTC Home so attractive are the animated weather updates. You can see clouds floating around the clock, lightening flashes and rain. The animations can be turned off if you wish to. HTC Home can also change and rotate your desktop wallpaper from a folder.

The next version of HTC Home, version 2, will be a widget engine so that you may run additional widgets. The alpha version is already available for testing. Apart from the Weather/Clock widget, HTC Home 2.0 Alpha comes with a news widget.

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