Microsoft Learning Suite

Microsoft Learning Suite is a comprehensive set of free software, web-based tools, and teacher resources specifically aimed at schools and students, available in one simple, customizable download. At present, Microsoft Learning Suite includes 30 products “which empower teachers to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum while promoting creativity, collaboration, and research & study”.


Microsoft Learning Suite can be downloaded from this page by logging into your ‘Partners In Learning Network’ account with your Windows Live ID. If you don’t have a Partners in Learning Network (PiLN) Profile you will be asked to create it. After you have successfully created and logged into your PiLN account, download and run the small installer cum downloader, similar to Windows Live installer.

From the Learning Suite application you can choose the programs you wish to download. Once you have decided which Learning Suite applications you would like to install, click the Next button to commence downloading. The installer will then automatically download and then install the selected applications in one sweep.


The Learning Suite application setup can be run either in Silent Mode – where all applications are installed silently without any user interaction – or in Interactive Mode – where the set up wizards for individual applications are launched and the user is prompted to complete.

Once the programs have been installed, you can launch them from the Learning Suite application which also functions as a dashboard.

Here’s the complete list of programs that are available under Microsoft Learning Suite.


  • Songsmith
  • Photosynth
  • Expression Encoder
  • AutoCollage
  • Kodu
  • Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2003


  • SharedView
  • InkSeine
  • StickySorter
  • Outlook Connector

Research & Study

Teaching Tools

  • Learning Content Development System
  • Office Add-in for Moodle
  • Innovative Teacher Toolkit
  • Getting Started & How-to Videos
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Mouse Mischief
  • Interactive Classroom
  • Math Worksheet Generator
  • Teacher Professional Development

[via TheWindowsClub]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Some users are currently experiencing intermittent installation issues with Learning Suite. If you have any such problems please email – [email protected]

    Comes from the Windows Club site.

    I can get the .msi file, but it's corrupt. What surprises me is that Microsoft Learning Essentials, which is as useful or more so, isn't mentioned anywhere.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Microsoft Learning Suite is mentioned everywhere on the site. Are you sure you've downloaded the right MSI file? Did you follow the page I hyperlinked in the article?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Yes, I was at the correct site. The download worked this morning. The article list above offers many more programs/ideas than the Suite itself–say Microsoft Reader or Shared View. Anyway, it's a great resource for educators–hundreds of useful sites. Thanks!

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