One Year Ago: Automated Software Installs, Excel Task Manager and Windows Registry Shell Extension

A selection of articles published between February 5 and February 11 of previous years.

1 Year Ago

  • Browse And Edit Windows Registry From Explorer: A shell extension that integrates Windows Registry with Windows Explorer allowing users to browse and edit the Registry like they are folders and files.
  • Microsoft Excel Task Manager: A partially functional task manager created in VBA and runs inside Microsoft Excel that allows you to view, kill or suspend selected processes.

2 Years Ago

  • Automatically mute sound by window title text: Mute sound of a specific application when the title of a window contains text patterns defined by the user. Can be used to successfully mute audio ads on Spotify.
  • Minesweeper or Flower Garden: Do you know Windows defaults to a different Minesweeper game style based on location of the user, because some people find mines offensive?
  • iTuner: A system tray companion to iTunes that allows controls like global keyboard, lyric discovery and display, track dashboard, playback, and library maintenance from a mini player.

3 Years Ago

4 Years Ago

  • NetDefender: An open source Windows firewall
  • Orbitron: Track positions of more than 20,000 satellites in the sky in real time.
  • Enhance Windows’ usability with DM2: DM2 can minimize any window to "floating icon", minimize window to tray, make it "on-top", adjust transparency and provide favorites files/folders in common Open/Save dialogs.
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